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  CBM7026 is low-cost single chip solution for capacitive touch sensor controller. The chip is mainly used for mechanical buttons replacement in home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial areas. With robust sensing technology, it has high performance across a variety materials and thickness, high noise immunity, waterproof and dustproof.

       CBM7026 is 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller devices with I2C Host/Slave, UART interface. For function application, CBM7026 support Button information for customers. In operation mode, it can support protocol and I/O mode for customer. Developer can use I/O mode to get a valid button message and develop their system very easily, and no longer need to decode the communication package. 
The capacitive touch sensor can be designed by placing a copper pad on the PCB directly, covered with a plastic or glass case. It provides auto-calibrate the parameter for a wide range of capacitance on the touch sensor(1pF ~ 40pF). The system controller converts finger data to button presses, depending on finger location and human interface context. 

CBM7026 robust sense solutions leverage our flexible programmable system-on-chip architecture, which accelerate time-to-market, integrates critical system functions and reduced BOM costs. CBM7026 supports multi-package for various application.



自主开发8-BIT MCU;


内置 OSC ,LDO;

提供一路PWM 输出,频率、脉宽可调;

8KB MTP用于用户代码开发和系统配置,支持用户代码升级;


2KB USER SRAM ,一个半双工串口, 灵活的片上调试功能;

支持 UART 和I2C Host/Slave 两种通讯接口;

最多支持20 个GPIO,其中 18 个可用于触摸按键,电容检测范围 1pF ~40pF;

支持 2 种工作模式Normal/Idle ,最低工作电流500uA;

EFT (4.5KV )、ESD (8KV );

大面积完整水膜环境适应( ൑2mm),且能正常工作

工作电压: 22.7V ~5.5V

最大支持10mm 面板厚度(与面板材料有关)



抗微波辐射能力强(≧10mW/cm 2 );







芯片系列 型号 最大支持按键数 通讯方式 灵敏度调节方式 工作电压 工作温度 封装
CBM70XX CBM7008 8 I2C/GPIO 软件 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° SOP16
CBM7010 10 I2C/GPIO 软件 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° SOP24
CBM7021 18 I2C/GPIO 软件 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° TSSOP28
CBM7026 18 I2C/GPIO 软件 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° QFP44
CBM60XX CBM6004 4 GPIO 电容 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° SOP16
CBM6007 7 I2C 电容 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° SOP16
CBM6008 8 I2C 软件 2.7V—5.5V,
Type : 3.6V
-40°~ +85° SOP16

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