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Memory chips will be implanted in the human brain

        According to the British "Daily Mail" reported, US scientists have developed a micro chip, can be implanted in the human brain to help restore the memory capacity of damaged brain. It is reported, this chip will be tested on humans in the next two years.
        Researchers from University of Southern Calif and Wake Forest University in the United States over the past ten years has been devoted to the study of the brain (hippocampus area of the brain responsible for memory). They thought they had the preliminary master the principle of human memory, make microchips in human memory aids this vision becomes feasible.
        Through the mouse and monkey brain experiment, researchers found that the electrical signals produced by the brain biological signals can be generated by the chip replication. The researchers for this promising discovery and excited, they expected 5-10 years, with the recovery of available memory apparatus.
        The researchers hope that through the implanted chip, patients to help those with brain injury or stroke, and the loss of local memory ability, but the ultimate goal of this research is the treatment of senile dementia patients.

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