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Xinbang Holds Up the Banner of Defending Rights and Defends the Honor of "China Core"

Xinbang Holds Up the Banner of Defending Rights and Defends the Honor of "China Core"


1.Xinbang hits the fist product twice with Chinese core

    2008 Nian 12 Yue 19 days, Chinese core 2008 and the Third "Chinese core" ceremony will be held at the Park Plaza Park Hotel in Beijing. Under the guidance of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "China Core" selection has become an industry event representing the most sophisticated competition in the local IC design industry.    

    This event attracted the extensive participation of many IC design manufacturers. The third "China Chip" selection expert committee was formed by a number of industry authoritative experts to comprehensively review nearly a hundred chips and finally select the 2008 China Chip "Most Best Market Performance Award "and" Most Potential Award ".    

    After the state-of-the-art USB flash memory control chip products of Chipbond Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. won the second "China Chip * Best Market Performance Award", Chipbond's new SD / MMC card control chip launched this year also won the third "China Core * Best Potential Award ".    

    The two flagship products, two shining "Chinese cores", have fully proven the gold content of Chipbond products after being tested and baptized by the market. Compared to last year, USB2.0 flash disk controller chip dazzling sales performance won the "China Chip * Best Market Performance Award", this year's core state this "Chinese core" sustenance of the core nations of the 2009 Nian hit a miracle of the market expectations .    

Second, the battle for the rights protection of XIBang bravely defended XIC    







三、携手共克时艰 雪中送炭闪亮中国芯    



    With its own experience, Chipbond realized that the responding enterprise was in a " solitary battle " situation and felt more isolated and alone. Especially in recent years, the rapid growth of private enterprises, the company's strength is still difficult to contend with medium-sized foreign companies, most companies can not afford the huge cost of rights, face a similar "337 clause " lack of coordination and support the industry during the investigation, Being in a " solitary battle " situation, in the game of disparity with foreign giants, they often have to choose to abandon their rights, thus allowing foreign giants to suppress the development of domestic enterprises repeatedly.    

    Therefore, in the future, while Xingbang strengthens the protection and application of intellectual property rights, it is eagerly expected that the government or industry associations can give appropriate financial assistance, so that SMEs such as Xingbang can invest more confidently when facing similar cases. In the fight for rights protection, we will contribute to maintaining the honor of " China Core " , the healthy development of national enterprises, and creating a harmonious industry environment.

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